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Zuke 'Em-The Colle Zukertort Revolutionized: A Chess Opening System for Everyone, Now Bullet-Proofed with New Ideas - David I. Rudel Recommended by Manny. My first purchase due to a goodreads rec. and my first ever book devoted solely to a single chess opening.

I think I will be reading this slowly for a while. I just feel like taking it off the currently reading shelf. I have been playing mostly on schemingmind.com which is a correspondance site, so I have time (and am allowed) to look up the moves and variations as I play. It will take me a while to get used to this opening to the degree that I have the important mainlines down pat. On the other hand, so far I am pretty pleased with it. When I have a question or something crops up that deviates from a given analysis I have been able to find him considering this option somewhere. Some of the material is a little beyond my level, as far as taking the positions into the middle game and understanding the advantages this opening is supposed to grant, particularly Rudel's new replies, but overall very helpful.