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Le Rouge et le Noir
Hegel: A Very Short Introduction - Peter Singer This is the second of these "Very Short Introduction" books that I have been quite happy with. The first being Critchley's on Continental Philosophy in general. I did have one about Buddhism that was a less exciting but not bad.

This of course can only be what it is, but it is that, short and sweet. It's remarkably clear and interesting. Of course it suffers a little because of that. There are lots of interesting discussions of Hegel, and then the reality of Hegel is always even more daunting. But Singer manages to get a lot of material into the few pages.

So, I think this would be a good place to start even for a philosophy student wanting to get acquainted with Hegel. However, it's important to realize that actually making the step to reading Hegel is going to be a much bigger one than usual with this sort of thing.