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Salt: A World History - Mark Kurlansky I liked this book a lot. It was fun to find out about the importance of salt in history as well as the history of production methods. Kurlansky is an engaging writer and the stories he tells are entertaining. As the primary use of salt for most of it's history was food related, there's plenty of discussion of food history as well as numerous recipes quoted. It seems he may have been drawing on some of his other books as he features the history of cod salting for a large section of the book, as well as discussing the Basques.

My main complaint about the book is that it seemed a little desultory. He seems to wander around the history of salt with an eye for anecdote but not much thoroughness or focus. Related, I kind of wished for footnotes on a couple of occasions. I guess this is all natural given that it is a popular book and so readability is prioritized. I guess I could have done with a little more historical fiber and a little less quoting of recipes although those were fun as well.