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Black and Blue  - Ian Rankin Recommended by my wife, and I liked it, it was a definite page turner, but didn't feel it excelled really. I thought there was a neat idea with the two serial killers and one as a character, but I didn't feel there was much to the characters. Rebus seemed a bit stereotyped as the good cop with problems like not following the law and drinking too much. Other than that I didn't feel there was much too him, but I'm also willing to rack that up to the fact that this is apparently the 8th Rebus novel so much of the real characterization may have taken place in earlier novels. Still, that's the challenge of a series isn't it? As far as the oil industry, he talks about it a fair bit but didn't seem to say much of anything. I also had a little bit of trouble keeping characters straight as it seemed they would be introduced, play a small part, and then mostly disappear though they would be referred to later on at times. The conclusion wasn't the most satisfying although it was ok. Basically, it performed the necessary tying together, but not in any clever way just sort of 'ok there's the connection'. Also, the Scottish slang could be opaque at times, though for the most part it was comprehensible. I would be open to reading another one by Rankin, perhaps Rebus #1 or something, but I'm not going to rush to it either.