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Le Rouge et le Noir
The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics - Alex Preminger, T.V.F. Brogan, Frank J. Warnke This was given to me as a gift at a time when I was very into poetry, both reading and writing. At that time I would read this a lot. Flipping through it and reading random headings that caught my eye or looking up specific terms to see what they had to say. All in all it was a quite positive experience and I learned a lot. I guess my only criticism would be that at times it seemed to verge into 'theory' a bit too much for me, (but then I don't have much tolerance for what I understand about it, which admittedly isn't much).

I actually lost this at a time when I had to leave a substantial library behind in my perambulations. I picked up a used copy of the same edition later. I don't consult it like I used to, but then I haven't sworn off it or anything either.