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The Swiss Family Robinson - Johann David Wyss, Jon Scieszka, W.H.G. Kingston Pretty much all the criticisms of this book that I have seen in other people's reviews are true. It doesn't have a plot. The people are pretty much perfect, they never have any doubts or fears or anger or unpleasantness. Pretty much every single animal they meet they kill, and several times near the beginning of the book they end up taking away babies because they shot the mother. There is very little reason for a lot of the killing other than just to kill one of that animal as some kind of accomplishment. They basically are provided with every possible thing they could need, both from the shipwreck itself and from the land they now inhabit. The father in particular but also the boy Ernest have a ridiculous knowledge of the plants and animals and how to use them. Everything they try to build or make meets with success.

Still, somehow even with all these defects the book wasn't worthless. Somehow it was still fun to hear their adventures and activities even if we thoroughly wished they could have been more peaceable.