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Night Kites

Night Kites - Not sure but I think this is the YA novel I read as a part of a 7th grade science project on AIDS. Don't remember much about but for some reason it calls out to be logged in the books-read list. I thought the plot was that the main character got AIDS from a blood transfusion but the plot synopses I found don't seem to support this. I also don't remember the plot about the girlfriend, so this might be another case like "The Pyramid" "Chrome Yellow" where I for no apparent reason get a book and title cross attached in my mind. (I also used to have a wierd thing where Henry Miller and D.H. Lawrence got confused in my mind, but that at least had some basis in the writings of the former) Anyway, this is clearly turning into a very random review about almost anything except the content of the book. To cap it off I will say the few superfluous things I do remember about it. I remember the hardback copy I got from the school library had a drawing of a kite flying against a starry night type background and the words of the title popped out pretty spontaneously when I went to search it. I also remember it having one of the first uses of the expression "burning the candle at both ends" I came across and that I was a little confused by it at first read. This was the proferred explanation for the ill complexion of the AIDS afflicted character.