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Le Rouge et le Noir

Sterile Cuckoo

Sterile Cuckoo - John     Nichols This was a good find for me. I find I have this dilemma sometimes that I want to read something really and truly random, not in the sense of being avant garde, but in the sense of something I haven't heard of before and don't have any reason to read. The other horn is that I'm always afraid it will be a waste of time, there are so many books I have good reason to think I will like. I won't always, but the point is both having a reason to read a book and not having a reason to read a book are both attractive at times.

Long story short, I got this at a library book sale and picked it for absolutely no good reason and read it and liked it quite well. I don't think I would make any claim for it being very deep but it was a fun read and I got to have that sense of discovery that is always absent when just reading stuff that you know everyone knows is there. There's more mystery.

Not a whole lot to say about the book. It's the story of a relationship from beginning to end and was quite appropriate to my teenage life.