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Master Play the Territorial Styles of Kitani Minoru and Cho Chikun

Master Play the Territorial Styles of Kitani Minoru and Cho Chikun - Yuan Zhou This is a neat little book (only 106 pages). I am a pretty weak player (~12k) but I found the analysis was quite clear and helpful. The first game analyzed is the game featured in Kawabata's "Master of Go". Despite having read that work, I felt that Zhou's analysis really made what was happening in the game much clearer to me. I was also a bit worried that the book would dwell on vague generalities that could really be said of any professional player but I thought he did an excellent job of choosing games that exemplified the point he wanted to make and showing how the players styles came out. One example of this is the second game, where Kitani plays white in a no komi game. Generally, (and in this case) white must seek to complicate the game in order to achieve a victory when there is no komi. This in some ways is quite opposed to the very solid slow style exemplified in the first game, but Zhou does a good job of showing how Kitani's style came out even under these varied circumstances which I thought was well done. Definitely it was the first and the last games analyzed that stuck in my mind but I enjoyed reading the whole book. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the topic. My main question for the book is how re-readable it will be particularly as I (hopefully) gain in strength.