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Henry James, Patricia Crick
Maigret et le marchand de vin
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Le Rouge et le Noir

Single Variable Calculus - Indiana University

Single Variable Calculus - Indiana University This is published by Cengage Learning and cost me $150. I am just posting about this book because it seems a bit weird to me. The text, the problems, the images, everything seems to be taken directly from the James Stewart Calculus book. However, there is no mention of James Stewart or the Thomson Brooks/Cole publishing company, anywhere in the book. It is called a "custom edition" on the front, but it's not clear of what. The other thing is that the only thing that seems to be custom about it is that it omits all of the prefatory material and chapter 10. However they don't even change the page numbers. Because chapter 11 follows chapter 9, 9's last page/11's first page are actually a photocopy of the original on regular paper as opposed to the somewhat slicker paper the rest are. Anyway, just seemed to be an interesting minor mystery of the textbook/publishing world.